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Call Us Today!
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more “... Seriously, Lou is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. I was getting too heavy again and I needed someone to rescue me from becoming too heavy for my own good health. Lou installed in me a dedication and commitment that I could better myself by exercise and watching my diet. Lou’s knowledge and experience in the field of Person Training made our sessions an eye-opening experience for me.
    Lou’s youthful enthusiasm gives me an enthusiasm also to keep it up and better myself both physically and mentally. I can look in the mirror and see some physical changes for the better. I can get on the scale and feel a sense of accomplishment. Lou knew how I felt when I got on the scale at the beginning of June and for the first time in many years; my weight was below 300 pounds. It was good to see a 2 as the first number.”

more “...Lou possesses a level of maturity and professionalism rare to find in today's often uncouth world.  His knowledge, enthusiasm, and expertise exemplify Lou as an outstanding trainer who not only takes pride in his career, but also truly believes in his craft. It is his amicable personality that has changed my outlook on health clubs and training, and it is because of him that I am now able to voluntarily incorporate personal training into my already busy schedule.  Convincing me that training is an activity I could fit into my schedule and enjoy is close to impossible, but Lou was able to change my outlook. I highly recommend Lou as a professional trainer and thank him for keeping me motivated.”

Lou, I want to thank you for helping me achieve my goal in losing the extra weight that I was carrying around with me. You engineered a diet and work out program, which helped me shed a total of 25 pounds in short 12-week period.  Without your guidance this would have been an unsuccessful endeavor...” more

I have tried everything to lose weight, such as diets that don't work and exercises that didn't help slim me down. In February that all changed when I started at the gym. I signed with a trainer, Lou, who changed my life for the better. On my first day of my workout I got weighed in and was very upset with what I saw. After 4 weeks of training I lost 2 pounds and 6% body fat, in which my clothes do not fit anymore....” more

“...For years, I've lived with 2 herniated discs and nerve damage in my lower back and leg. Although I was still active, I had to avoid many activities and wasn't as strong as I wanted to be. Lou worked with me slowly and steadily to increase my strength in my weak areas. He was very cautious and avoided any position that may compromise my back, while still working the necessary muscles. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about his work, and a pleasure to train with!...more

I've been training with Jarret since April and I have totally changed my body. I've always done cardio but weights have intimidated me. He taught me the proper way to lift and also how to use the machines not to mention he has been a pleasure to work with I've dropped almost 2 sizes and 2.5 inches off my waist being over 40 its not the easiest to achieve...” more

“...Working with him I have been able to lose the baby weight that I was unable to do on my own. Jarret has led to me achieve fantastic results, and these results have been noticed by my friends and family which is awesome. He is a motivator and pushes the right buttons to get you the best and most complete workout possible...more


“Great Gym, great people and everything is always so clean!!”
“What a great gym to be a part off. The place is spotless, the staff is always friendly, the equipment is always available.
I would highly recommend this gym to all my friends.


HardBodyz Fitness
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Verona, NJ 07044
Phone: (973) 433-7237

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